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Public Relations Agency Services

We are professional branding amplifiers for corporate professionals and startup founders of all stages and industries via LinkedIn. We stand out because we:

  • Understand the new products and algorithms since we work directly with the LinkedIn creator team

  • Are led by a startup founder who's verified as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2023

  • Been featured on LinkedIn News at least a dozen times

Increase Engagement

From research to copywriting to engaging with other accounts, we improve the chances of content getting featured on the top of newsfeeds.

Get Speaking Opportunities

We strategically create content relevant to public speaking engagements and pitch to them on behalf of our clients.

Create FOMO While Fundraising 

We create content that makes investors curious on the problem you're solving. One post of ours had 30+ investors reach out to us.

Become a Thought Leader

We closely work with our clients to understand their opinions, tone, and expertise to serve as their personal ghostwriter.

Expand Professional Networks

We make you top-of-mind for potential investors, customers, and partners. We get you more inbound messages.

Improve Cold Message Hit Rate

Looking for potential customers but little to no responses? We improve those chances you hear back from them.

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