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A Guide for Startups When Attending InsureTech Connect Vegas

As a startup building a B2B product, one of the best customer acquisition outlets are conferences. You can meet people and companies that you generally wouldn't get face time with or a part of your networks of networks. It's also a place to publicize the latest and greatest of what your company is up to.

This year was my first time attending and sponsoring Insuretech Connect (ITC) held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below is a guide for startups who are deciding or planning to attend to get the most out of the conference:

Who attends?

  • Insurers / Carriers / Reinsurers

  • Managing General Agents (MGAs)

  • Investors

  • Brokers

  • Third-Party Administrators

  • Accelerators / Incubators / Innovation Labs

  • Startups

  • Solutions Providers (i.e. Consulting Firms, Lawyers)

Why go?

  • To meet people and companies interested in innovating in the insurance space.

  • To market your startup.

  • To generate new customer, partners, and investor leads.

  • To learn about the latest industry trends.

How to make the most of it?

Schedule 1:1 meetings on app

  • I recommend to start scheduling them a few days before the conference, since most people don't do that and they're not distracted with all the activities going on during the conference.

  • I scheduled most of my meetings on the first day because that's the "lightest" day.

  • Continue checking the app to see if there are people you want to get in front of. The attendees list will grow as it gets closer to the conference - and you don't want to miss out on those potential connections.

During Conference

  • RSVP for the Connect sessions before attending the conference. You'll learn about the biggest trends from industry thought leaders here.

  • The expo hall with the booths are on the last two days. There's also random activities sprinkled in this space, like a puppy park, games, juice bar, etc.

  • At the end of every day, there's some type of dinner/party hosted by ITC - another opportunity to network in a more lax environment.

After-Conference Events and Happy Hours

  • Browse LinkedIn to see if any of the organizations you're interested in collaborating with are hosting happy hours or dinners so you can RSVP.

  • When you meet more people that have similar goals as you, ask what they're planning to do at night.

You're not going to find any event focused on insuretech bigger than this one. So if you're a startup looking to use insurance companies and brokers as a distribution channel, this is the event for you!


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