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The Consumerization of Healthcare Is Here To Stay

In America, we generally have low expectations for our healthcare visits. Customers for other industries don't let the subpar service being rendered off the hook by accepting to pay a large bill. The better experiences in healthcare sadly sound like this:

  • "The doctor actually paid attention to me for the whole 10 minutes of our appointment"

  • "I'm paying the amount they estimated for me rather than getting additional bills."

  • "I only waited an hour to get seen by a doctor"

However, the efforts within healthcare innovation has started to improve the healthcare delivery experience and shifted the customer's expectations. Now more than ever, information is publicly available online, so people can shop by comparing and contrasting their options (even in healthcare). Tech companies and C-level executives are placing a heavier emphasis on healthcare, like:

  • Amazon Prime members have access to a discounted One Medical membership

  • Forward Health is a startup that offers 24/7 primary care membership embedded with user-centric, advanced technology

As our population is aging and living longer, the utilization of healthcare will continue to increase; therefore, it's the most ripe for innovation that better serve the patients.


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