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How to Choose a Startup Accelerator Program - Thoughts from an Ex-Accelerator Lead

Since I'm only a few months into working on my new startup, I often get the advice to apply to incubators (bootcamp for pre-revenue startups, generally) and accelerators (bootcamp for post-revenue startups, generally) because those programs can provide resources that will get me to my next milestones.

Some people assume I'm new to this world, especially since I look young (and I guess I am considering I'm in my 20's). But what people are unfamiliar with is how familiar I am with these types of programs. I've vetted over 1,000 digital health startups, built and managed 8 different accelerators and innovation programs, and advised over 50 new, early-stage, and growth-stage startups. I understand the ins and outs of how it operates.

Was really relating to this tweet here.

The general overarching goal of accelerators is to push their startups towards the direction of success. We all want wins!

But one mistake I've seen a few startups make is that they pursue accelerators based on brand but not on its focus and unique offerings. Startups range in stages and goals - so a pre-seed company may need more guidance in validating their product versus a Series C company may need connections to enterprise customers in a new market they're entering. Accelerators also range in the type of content, opportunities, and network they offer.

Tune in to an abridged version of why startups should consider an accelerator. Apologies for my new video editing skills. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you want to listen to the full interview, check it out here at This Week in Digital Health:




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