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Personal and Professional Development as a Solo Traveler

I aim to be a better me, so even while traveling I think about how I can personally and professionally grow. Traveling to a new country can be scary, especially by yourself. 😦 My trick is to find ways that can transform a foreign environment to a more comfortable one.

First, I put myself in a place that feels a tad more familiar. I research and only stay in neighborhoods that are have lots of expats and digital nomads. If it's for an event or conference, I reach out to other attendees to ask to be roomies for the trip, so you don't feel like you're going solo. I peruse reviews for my lodging, prioritizing location, cleanliness, and security.

Next, I think about who I'll spend time with. I am a part of a few global entrepreneurship communities via WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, etc., so I reach out to ask if anybody is available or traveling to the place I'll be. I can expand my professional network AND learn about how healthcare or tech works in their city. If this fails, then find co-working places, social clubs, fitness classes, events, hostels, or Airbnb experiences/tour groups to increase your chances on meeting other people. I've met incredible people who live around the world this way and still keep in touch with.

Last, I reflect and enjoy. I typically ask friends who have previously visited for recommendations, so then I don't have to worry too much on the regional dishes and local restaurants to try or the tourist activities to do. Then I reset my mind by thinking about:

  • The passions I've told everyone these last few months, do they still hold true?

  • The tasks that do and don't serve me anymore. What can be automated or outsourced?

  • The values that I have been abiding to. Have they changed or grown stronger?

I still do think solo traveling is challenging yet rewarding for many. You aren't dependent on anybody's schedule but the one you set for yourself. You allow yourself to be more open to meeting new people that can show you a new perspective. You give yourself mental space to heal and become a better you.


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